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A look at the magazine industry in the 60s and early 70s

Paper Dreams- A look at the Magazine industry 1966 to 1973 when the entire look change to a younger and more sexual look.

The Warwick University Rowing Club made a Gay Friendly Calendar.  I Just Had to Share This.
It’s a slide show that changes automatically, if you want to manipulate it manually click on any of the photos.

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Gary Ridgeway “the Green River Killer” was featured in a gay porn magazine in 1972, and we have the photos. This monster was basically straight but as with most serial killer he had an easy time sleazing it up with the same sex (probably had his fill  in prison), although he is locked away for life we found him interesting enough to feature him and his porn stint in our BLOG Check it out.

Gary Ridgeway - The Green River Killer

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