SchoolMates 6 Opening Scene


Starting this "rodeo," is Travis Jacobs. He and his two roommates share some space in this video. Studying, Travis' eyes catch Jordan coming out of the bathroom after a shower and Bobby Cantanaro, already at the desk. Travis has the right idea, "let's fuck;" all three head to a bed.

Sucking and stroking, this "hard" work is more like it. As the trio share each other's meat, Bobby thinks that Jordan's "big cock" has got to, "go somewhere." Before the night is done, all three get their wishes; this leads to a lot of sweat and loads of explosive cum.

SchoolMates 6 Scene 2


Like every good fraternity, "Black 6" has a nice variety of members: Brent Collins, Dylan hunter, Heyden Fuller, Wes Taylor and Zachary Aiden. All of these hotties met at and have had a real connection ever since; matter of fact, they all sleep in the same room on campus. One night Zachary wakes up horny; he begins to stroke one out when he catches Heyden's eye; he is also "rising." Helping out, Heyden gets a vibrator cock ring and goes over to Zachary's bed.

The fun continues as each boy wakes up, picks a "brother" and helps him out. This video has loads of sucking, rimming, 69ing and fucking; the camera stays close. By the time each guy blows, the jizz is filling the air; the cream is thick and tasty. Sleepy, they all head back to bed for a little shut-eye.

SchoolMates 6 Scene 3


Jacob Sweet wants to be part of the "Black 6" fraternity; it's up to Seth Michaels to see if he measures up, "don't forget my nuts," commands the Pledge Master. Giving some inspiration to this video, the two 69. Smelling and eating Seth's ass, the pledge continues to take orders; maybe he does have what it takes.

After a bit more blowing, Jacob gloves Seth up and says, "I want you to fuck me? Flipping the bottom over, Jason grabs his cock and shoots while he is being fucked. Seth pulls out and strokes until he too busts. Seems like this pledge does enjoy the "in-itiation."

SchoolMates 6 Scene 4


Checking out his hot body, Paul Pratt likes what he sees and feels. Enjoying some "me time," he's in his dorm, with the sock on the door. Here at to stroke one out, he thinks about some of the guys he's been with, including a hot guy named Travis Jacobs. That must have done the trick because Paul immediately spews all over his chest.

Meeting up with Travis, the two hit it off right away; soon they are all over one another, kissing, sucking and 69ing. Part of Paul's excitement about Travis is the boy's ass, and the top is all about eating it out before he fucks. Begging for it, Travis soon has his wish and is blowing as he is fucked, hard. After, Paul shoots his load too; and that's number two for Paul, today.

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It's me! I'm Toby Ross and I've been Directing and Producing gay erotic films from the 70s through to today. On my website, you will find the complete collection of all of my work, including my vintage 70's San Francisco cult classics, my GLBT festival films, my newer sex comedies, my Documentary films and what I like to call "Darkrotica" which is my take on the Horror genre. My site is the only place where you can watch the complete, uncensored XXX versions of all of my films!

I love to combine extremely well endowed young men who love to be serviced in a college or school setting. Called by some as the Abercrombie & Fitch of gay porn, my new work is a continuation of the old San Francisco films I used to make such as Schoolmates, Reflections of Youth and Do me Evil. Please join me for what I'm sure is going to be a very exciting ride that I guarantee will thrill and excite your mind, body and soul. Peace and love, and see you in the movies!