SchoolMates 3 Scene 2

As this ample hot body of boys gathers for the "Big Suck," anticipation rises, as well as the temperature between the boys' thighs. To get in the door, you don't need to ring; you just need to suck the knob on While the camera gets as much as it can, the "student bodies" group off and begin to experiment; you know these young kids, it's all about letting go and helping one another. Some of the guests include: Butch Love, Hotdog, Joh Schut, Paul Brasil, Shance Romano, and Steve Vanila.



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Who the hell is Toby Ross and what will I find on

It's me! I'm Toby Ross and I've been Directing and Producing gay erotic films from the 70s through to today. On my website, you will find the complete collection of all of my work, including my vintage 70's San Francisco cult classics, my GLBT festival films, my newer sex comedies, my Documentary films and what I like to call "Darkrotica" which is my take on the Horror genre. My site is the only place where you can watch the complete, uncensored XXX versions of all of my films!

I love to combine extremely well endowed young men who love to be serviced in a college or school setting. Called by some as the Abercrombie & Fitch of gay porn, my new work is a continuation of the old San Francisco films I used to make such as Schoolmates, Reflections of Youth and Do me Evil. Please join me for what I'm sure is going to be a very exciting ride that I guarantee will thrill and excite your mind, body and soul. Peace and love, and see you in the movies!